David Boone's A Bubble To Burst (Limited Edition signed CD) pre order w/ Jeff Ament

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Song 2 from our 5-Song-Sampler: "Work In Progress" featuring Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam! And a great bass line at that.


We're going to be featuring a song a day from the 5 Song Sampler we're currently submitting to labels.

Take a listen, and feel free to share.

The full sampler includes "Country Song" as heard locally on The Trail 103.3, and BBC Radio 6 Music, as well as "Work in Progress" featuring Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam, and will be available at the end of the week.

Hope you enjoy.

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    Track is private. https://soundcloud dot com /david-boone-music/work-in-progress/s-dOUTl?in=david-boone-music/sets/bubble-to-burst-5-song-sampler/s-Fe5fm

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    Limited Edition of Bubble to Burst Available Now for Pre-Order!
    Includes autographed hardcopy CD of the album as well as a digital copy with Bonus Track Uptown Diner!

    (Only 500 copies of this Limited Edition print available, so act fast).


    David Boone
    A Bubble To Burst (Limited Edition)

    Produced By: Danton Supple (Coldplay, The Cure, U2)
    Featuring Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), Pete Wilkinson (Echo & The Bunnymen), John Sporman & Tyler Paul.

    I made a little video for Steph and Meyers, in the wee hours of the night, to commemorate the passage of time.
    It’s rough and sloppy, but “This is Life”!
    It sure does have its beauty. My wife, Steph is featured in this one! First time debuting her lovely voice, in all her singing glory!
    [“This is Life” from the forthcoming album A Bubble To Burst. Produced by Danton Supple, features Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) on upright bass, and Tyler Paul on drums. Pre-Order a limited edition copy of the album at http://www.davidboonemusic.com)


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    Ordered it

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    Work In Progress (With Lyrics) - click HD 

    Featuring Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament on bass, this is one of my favorite tracks from the new album. It’s raucous and has an unrelenting energy. I will be sharing an acoustic version of this later in the week, along with a story about what inspired this song. 

    All of this leads up to the release of our first single on Friday November 30th, Featuring “Country Song” and “Work In Progress”.  

    We wanted to pick our two most juxtaposed tracks from the album. 

    So here’s a little extra caffeine. Happy Monday, this is “Work In Progress”!


    A word about the art:

    My little guy, Meyers is featured in the artwork. And I kid you not, I did not coax him, dress him, anything. This boy has his own thing going. In the course of two days he had me buzz his head, dye the remaining bits of hair pink, purple and blue, and then proceeded to throw on this hodge podge of hiking boots, a long sleeve with a shirt, with a vest over (in the dead of summer) and ripped shorts with long socks. And I swear, as far as he knew, he was inventing the wheel. 

    We call this Meyers Attire. And yes it somehow rhymes.
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    Pearl Jam Member Announces Coldplay Collaborator Team Up For New Album

    The first single from David Boone’s new album (A Bubble To Burst) comes out Friday November 30th. It features “Country Song” and “Work In Progress,” which features #JeffAment on bass. Check out acoustic performances of the tracks via Boone’s FB page: http://facebook.com/davidboonemusic .

    Produced By: Danton Supple (Coldplay X&Y producer)

    Featuring: Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), Pete Wilkinson (Echo & The Bunnymen), John Sporman & Tyler Paul.

    The Limited Edition of Bubble to Burst Available Now for Pre-Order!

    Includes autographed hardcopy CD of the album as well as a digital copy with Bonus Track Uptown Diner! (Only 500 copies of this Limited Edition print available, so act fast).

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    Country Song (With Lyrics)
    Here is Country Song with Lyrics

    The story goes that I wrote this song in the middle of a soundcheck while performing at the Montana State Fair in Great Falls. Fortunately they were having issues with the sound system, so it bought me some time. Songs come at the strangest, and most inconvenient of times. Inspiration seems to hit me when I least expect, which must have something to do with being somewhat relaxed in the moment, and able to connect to my emotions. Steph and I were staying at a hotel next to the Sip and Dip, a bar where patrons get to view live "mermaids" all night from inside a lit-up swim tank.

    When the women got out of the tanks, they knew all the gents in the bar. It was this very picturesque rural/western scene. There was something deeply endearing and sad about it at the same time. It was so familiar, it was just the norm. There were no heroes in this scene that were going to rescue the girl and offer her love and a better life (i know that could be construed as a chauvinistic sentiment, but it used to just mean - these were the gentlemen in the room). I remember opening a door for a girl in my 20's on the University campus, and she said "Women can open doors for themselves, you know". I said, "I know, but my grandmother always just taught me it's polite to do". I'm reminded of that "Where did all the cowboys go?" song by Paula Cole. That's what this song is about. It's a simple, classic love story.

    When my Dad was 27 he landed in Northern California with enough money to buy a horse. On the 4th of July, he saw a girl sitting underneath an Apple Tree near the Klamath River. My Dad tipped his hat and introduced himself. A week later, he pulled up to a mansion in San Francisco in a borrowed pickup truck, and picked up my Mother at her front door. She ran out with her Dad close behind. She left behind maids, and college, and an affluent city life, to live near mountain streams, and to horseback into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I'm glad my Dad was a cowboy. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that horse and that apple tree, and a bit of old fashioned chivalry.

    There's always a personal tug that goes into a story. And sleeping in motels next to your wife week after week, something stirs, and you dream of a better day, and rescuing her from this "place". From a life where there is struggle. I don't know if there's such a thing, but it is a beautifully romantic sentiment nonetheless. I have met few people in my life, who exhibited a steadfast, sturdy kind of devotion to their partners, and these people are heroic. In many ways, I wrote this song wanting to be this hero to Steph, and in many ways, Steph has instead been this hero to me.

    The single "Country Song" from my album A Bubble To Burst, comes out this Friday, November 30th! It will also include the track "Work In Progress" featuring Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) on bass. Both tracks will be available through Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and all major online distributors.

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    "Today’s the big day! “Country Song” featuring Pete Wilkinson (Echo and the Bunnymen) and “Work In Progress” featuring Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) are now available on iTunes! Visit www.davidboonemusic.com "
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    great record. if you like joseph arthur, you'll love this
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    Here’s the interview with Angela Marshall from ABC FOX Montana which aired at 5:30 PM MST. She did such a great job putting this piece together... thanks so much, Angie!

    The story will run again tonight LIVE during FOX Montana News at 9 (Your local FOX channel) and then ABC Montana News at 10 (your local ABC channel).

    The singles for “Country Song” and “Work In Progress” are available as of today! And Pre-orders of the album, 'A Bubble to Burst,' are available now through January 1, 2019. 

    Visit www.davidboonemusic.com
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    New Single feat. Jeff Ament

    News December 2 2018

    Jeff’s collaboration with fellow Missoulian David Boone is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

    “Work in Progress” is the first single off David’s forthcoming album, A Bubble to Burst. The album will be released on January 1st and is available for pre-order now.

    Photo Credit: Caroline Anne


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    Sweet!! :)

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    Pearl Jam made another big announcement about the single release of “Work In Progress”!

    Cheers to Jeff and this awesome band of guys for supporting independent projects like this. What an incredibly rad group of musicians and all around great people. 

    “Work In Progress” Feat. Jeff Ament is now available on iTunes and Spotify, by visiting davidboonemusic.com.

    And pre-orders for the Limited Edition signed full-length run through Jan 1st so grab your copy while you have a chance. Makes a great, albeit awkward shaped stocking stuffer!

    And if you haven’t heard the single yet, the track has loads of energy and character with Jeff on bass, and it’s got a bit of a punk edge to it. It’s also got quite the back-story, which i will expound on in my next post......  so stay tuned...  things are starting to heat up. 
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    Hi folks, just a friendly heads up, we have two weeks left where we are offering the Early Edition of A Bubble To Burst through www.davidboonemusic.com. This includes the new track, "This Aint No Rodeo".

    The first two singles "Country Song" and "Work In Progress" are now available for download and streaming on iTunes and Spotify. We have all the links at our website.

    We will be announcing an official release date, including a vinyl release of the full album, sometime after the New Year.

    Here is a little "homemade video" I made last Summer when we were mixing the project. "This Is Life" featuring Jeff Ament on his signature fretless bass. And it features the Boonestein Bears family, on camera.

    A Bubble To Burst features Tyler Paul, Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), Pete Wilkinson (Echo and the Bunnymen), and John Sporman. And was Produced by Danton Supple (Coldplay, Morrissey, U2)

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    Thank you David! :) 

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  • At least I can say I gave it a shot... This is not my cup of tea. At all. 
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    Bump! :)
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