ISO: Boston 2 (9/4) Setlist shirt XL (waited in line for an hour and missed getting one by 5 mins !)

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I waited in line today for an hour to get a Boston 2 Setlist shirt, only to be told that the XL and XXL had sold out 5 minutes earlier. Is there anyone who might have purchased an extra they can spare to sell?

I was bummed to nobody here even replied to purchase my extra Ten Club ticket, and I couldn't give it away (let alone sell it) during a 90-minute period outside of Fenway, so I went in with my extra ticket (the tickets alone costing me $250). Not getting a setlist shirt today was almost predictable...
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    breasoner11breasoner11 Posts: 36
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    P.S. To anyone from the PJ organization paying attention: according to an employee at the pop-up store selling merchandise today, people were allowed to buy an unlimited number of the shirts today. This employee said the quantities people can buy is set by the band, not the shop. I'd personally like to thank all of the flippers who purchased 100 shirts today who are now turning around to sell them for a $100 profit per shirt on eBay. Thanks a lot!
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