Looking to trade Wrigley doubles to build a Seattle set (cards)

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So here's the deal... I was in Seattle, but did not buy cards.  Regretting it, want to try to put a set together.  I have a whopping EIGHT cards so far :) I do have over 40 the 61 cards from Wrigley in my doubles, and I have multiples of several.  If anyone has a bunch of Seattle doubles they want to get rid of for some Wrigley doubles, PM me.  Also possibly willing to buy Seattle cards outright depending on the price.
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    Anyone want to trade?
  • BR59374BR59374 Posts: 45
    Who wants to get rid of their Seattle doubles?:)
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    Anyone want to help me add to my 8 cards so far???
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    Still looking to trade doubles for doubles... thought I had a trade going but other end did not respond after initial PM
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    I am now up to 41 of the 61... only have one random Mike Seattle double, but still have a ton of Wrigley doubles to trade if anyone wants to swap some Seattle for Wrigley.

    also- is there a master photo/Seattle card thread where I can figure out which ones I need and number them accordingly?
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    Down to only 9 more for the Seattle set after a couple trades... anyone else want to trade me my Seattle needs for some Wrigleys :)

    WRIGLEY EXTRAS (multiples on some)
    Boom 3,8,9
    Ed  1,4,5,7,9
    Jeff  1,4,5,6,7,9,10
    Matt  2,4,5,6,7,9,10
    Mike  2,4,7,10
    Stone  1,2,3,5,6,8,9
    Boston Sticker
    Seattle Sticker
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    I’m down to 5 more, and I do have a few Seattle doubles to trade now, in addition to Wrigley doubles listed above. I don’t have much for Seattle, but if I have what you need I’m happy to trade it! An updated picture of my needs is below

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