Fenway Song Requests Please Tuesday 9/4/18

Pearl Jam's music does so much for so many to motivate, clarify, heal and unify!  We all have struggles. In our family, 3 generations have inherited a rare, progressive disease (w/all diagnosed during the same period of time) and traveling to these shows has been invaluable to us for all of the above reasons.
While pity, fear and sadness are exactly the opposite of what our family needs, Pearl Jam's music and the concert experience is "just what the Dr. ordered"...so to speak ;)    With this, we put a "wish setlist" together. We would LOVE to hear any/all of the following songs at Fenway on Tuesday 9/4/18:
PEACE, LOVE and LONG-LIVE PEARL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

-Other Side
-Green Disease
-Hard to Imagine
-Light Years
-Thin Air
-Off He Goes
-In Hiding
-1/2 Full
-Why Go
-God's Dice
-Tremor Christ
-Save You
-Sonic Reducer
-Hold On
-Walk with Me
-Whale Song
-No Way
-Present Tense
-I Believe in Miracles


  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 816
    Bump. Maybe throw inside job in there .'...let me run into the rain to be a human light again.  "The cows run from the storm while the buffalo run towards it to get through it faster. Be the buffalo." Something like that.
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 816
    Safe travels bump

  • madhat181madhat181 Posts: 226
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    Tremor Chirst again please! 

    Slow Lukin / Lukin II / Slukin would be awesome too
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  • Hold On and Unemployable would be rad
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  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 816
    I'd love to hear whale song. i dont think they ever played that one. Dedicated to Jack's big ol tatoo. Very thoughtful setlist. 
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