Song for Kristen at Fenway

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As some of you know, we lost a member of the PJ family on Wednesday to suicide. Kristen Hood was an amazing human being. Our moms were friends from childhood, and we grew up together because of it. She leaves behind two young children and a ton of heart broken friends. I will be setting up a gofundme page in her honor and give all the proceeds to her kids. 

In the meantime it would mean the world to me and countless other fans if PJ (or just Ed) could play a cover of You can close your eyes by James Taylor at Fenway on Sunday. She had tickets to the show and was ecstatic to go. I know it's short notice, but it would bring her presence to everyone in attendance. If anyone reading this knows how to get this to the band PLEASE do so. I've never requested a song, but felt compelled to do so. Thanks for reading! - Ryan Byrne
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