I have an extra ticket for Fenway Sunday for another Ten Club member

Turf B7 Row thirteen.  
I know how to transfer - we could meet before show to do cash or do paypal/Zeille
Not sure how to PM on this forum but if you are interested in the ticket I will share my email/phone


  • Sending PM (you'll get an email and a notification on the inbox icon)
  • night??
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  • night??
    Title says Sunday.
  • DcelaniDcelani Posts: 35
  • Hey i got shut out of every sale, ten club, verified ticket, general sale, then the tenclub drop two days ago. If you still have the extra ticket, I would be eternally grateful.  I can also provide refreshments and stuff if you’d like as well. Long time fan since the begining. Thanks for the opportunity. 
  • hey , did you get sell  that ticket yet.  i messed up and promised a ticket. thinking a buddy had one to sell. lmk. i am in section B7 myself, would be perfect
    PJ ATL94
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