N2 Wrigley 2 seats coming up available on Fenway Website 8/31 1:07 am PST

waxxonwaxxon Arlington, WAPosts: 9
I was playing around with the Fenway/MLB ticketing site for the PJ shows. Clearly I have nothing better to do at 1:00 am than  to look for  Pearl Jam tickets ..even though I  was lucky enough to receive a single N1 sec A6 row C transfer from someone here on the forums.  So be it....after each option of quantity, .... as of 1:07 am (Left Coast Time),  pairs of available N2 tickets are coming up for sale in H47 and H50 (only pairs were available, quantities of 1, 3 or 4 had no availability).  Most importantly, I just this moment discovered that the word quantities has the word tities in it. How did I not know this until [email protected][email protected][email protected],wait a minute..uh oh...tities or titties? ...I think it's the latter.  dang...

In 46 hours......Me------>SEA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->BOS =) 

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