opening act? and doors, opener & PJ showtimes @ Fenway Night 2

Looking for info and educated guesses


  • Most of this is already covered elsewhere, but:

    - Opener: None
    - Doors: 5pm
    - Official Set Time: 6:30pm
    - Likely Set Time: Around 7:30pm
    - Fenway Curfew: 10:30pm

    Likely set time based on on stage times of 7:34 and 7:40 in 2016.

  • lemmothlemmoth Posts: 13
  • I would suggest being in your seats, or at least in the stadium, by 7:00...they routinely play 3 hours and often go over that...given that its the last date on the tour and fenway has what I think is a pretty strict curfew (10:30) I am going to at least assume they come out at 7...worst case scenario you are in your seats letting the anticipation build...but if you are stuck in traffic or want another beer at the bar, I would plan on being at your seats by 7:30 no matter what
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