ISO Fenway I and/or II (one ticket for each night)

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Remember how we used to say "I'll be your best friend" in grade school when we wanted something bad?  Well...I'll be your best friend for 3 hours and won't scream/sing in your ear the entire night, emit no obnoxious smells, and will stay in my contained space the entire time.  Maybe just a high-five if there's a rare gem but if you prefer no physical contact whatsoever, I'm cool with just a slight fist pump in the Boston air too.   
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    Sounds like a reasonable offer! - I have a single 10c ticket for night 2 - Section B159 Row CC Seat 4 if you are interested!  
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  • Yes!!  I just sent you a DM.  Let me know if you didn’t get it...Josh
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