Venues Pearl Jam has never played that you would like to see a show at



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    vant0037 said:
    Target Field. Duh.
    I'd be down for that. I love the Twin Cities! Hopefully it would be a little warmer than when I was there this past April... I kind of think the X would make more sense for its protections from the elements (and its proximity to Barrel Theory).
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    JT167846 said:
    mrk2 said:
    Yes, that was an amazing show. Stood in the second row, dead center. My legs and back were killing me but it was so worth it. 
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    The Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA. (it's right near Philly)

    New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, N. J. (Ed played a solo show there)

    I know both are way too SMALL, but i'd love to see it.
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    I wish Pearl Jam liked either the Yankees or Mets so they'd play at their baseball stadiums 
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