First show since dad's passing

Excited but definitely in a strange emotional state and thinking a wave of sadness is coming at some point during the show. Wrigley 1 will be the first PJ show since my dad passed away. He loved music, specifically Leonard Cohen. After every PJ show he'd ask how it was and if they covered Hallelujah.  I will truly miss breaking the bad news (always in this way) "sorry Dad, no luck but maybe next show". Missing you forever Dad. Thomas Friedmann RIP.  
Doesnt fucking matter anyway


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    I request Release for your dad!
    "Red Rover, Red Rover, Mike McCready-Take Over!!" - E.V.

    2018- Chicago 2 (Wrigley Field) 8/20

    2018 - CURE Benefit Show (Chicago - Navy Pier) 10/15

    RIP: Andy, Kurt, Chris
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