In need of ticket for Wrigley Night #1

I promise I’m a really fun ticket buddy!  Really would like to be at both shows and only have a ticket for Monday. 


  • lugnutlugnut AshevillePosts: 64
    Hey I have a ticket -  I can’t go :(    but I got Missoula trip in so :) let me know if you need this one on field seated. 
  • Where is the ticket? And you just have the one you can transfer because they won’t allow you to transfer both?
  • I’m interested and want to chat about details. Please let me know. I also saw that you may have had a ticket for Monday’s show as well? I have a friend that needs a ticket for then as well. 
  • Field seated for Saturday would be great and could transfer you $ immediately. If there’s a way to transfer/sell both, I’d take them both but don’t know that it’s possible?
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