30 Year Anniversary Wishlist

A way too early thread about any potential 30 year anniversary plans. 

Coming off the high of Seattle I got to thinking of what the next big Pearl Jam live event would be. Seattle felt like a Pearl Jam festival, not just a Pearl Jam show, and Missoula looked to be the same from what I saw. Which got me thinking...30 years is coming up soon (ish). I wasn't able to make it to PJ20 for financial reasons. Knock on wood that won't be a problem this year (within reason...I have kids). 

So, 10/2021 approximately, what are some thoughts/hopes? 
A big festival-type show, performance art, musical acts, art installations, poster archive shows, and three back - to - back headlining shows where they play the entire catalog. Hey, a guy can dream. Special Guests: Jack White, Mudhoney, Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen. Put it out in the middle of the Pacific Northwest. 
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