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musicismylife78musicismylife78 Posts: 6,018
this is one of my fav pj songs, its an amazing song. I wanted your guys interpretation of what it actually mean. My favorite part of the song is the part when ed says "i'll keep takin' punches until their will grows tired". As an activist that to me means that he will be recieving physical violence but he will just wait it out until his abusers get tired. Its a pretty profound idea. I am a nonviolent guy so I took that to mean that you can beat him up because he is for peace and justice and for gay rights and womens rights and all that, but it doesnt matter because he wont fight back, he will just wait it out until they get tired.
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  • justamjustam Posts: 21,336
    For some reason, I have pictured a young person with parents who are trying to subdue him. Perhaps they are literally punching him-- or not-- but the person is clearly meaning to keep his beliefs inspite of their attempt to change his mind. "I will hold the candle till it burns up my arm" seems to represent the young person's determination to hold his own idea.
  • Obi OnceObi Once Posts: 918
    imo its about going for something and holding on till the bitter end, something in the sense off willing to change the world but being uncertain if the actions have any effect.. how much differnce does it make?
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  • this is imo pj's best song and my favorite. it has so much power and passion in it. eddie has intense pain singing that it pierces any listener. it is the true protest song!!!
    "I Will Scream my Lungs out 'til it fills this Room "

    " I Will Feel Alive as Long as I am Free"

    "Are We Getting SomeThing Out Of this All Encompassing Trip? Makes Much More Sense To Live In The Present Tense"
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    I heard Stone mention on Sirius Radio that Indifference is about decay. Could Indifference be about someone who either is undergoing chemotherapy, or is nearing the end of his or her life?
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