Too much to say, in fragments, in multiple parts

if you can understand fragments
without explanation, just parts
it’s hard to sit in love
for a long time, unchanging
it makes one desire action
i hear of these couples
meeting, marrying, from here
but not us
no, it was just a long drawn out carrot
never to be caught
is it any wonder it feels safer to
stay out of it?
you ring my bell
light my candle
flick my spark
but then it sits
like a beautiful dinner never eaten
made with love
but the diner never arrived
some night it had to end!
no one warns you about the
Heart danger of re-lighting love
meals on the table, made with anticipation
never to be consumed and turned into more
and what about graceful exits?
is there such a thing?
and what about acceptance of reality?
what about conserving energy?
i feel like a forever spinning top 
but the spin is misplaced
im not the right color or size for the kid
forgive my fragments
without explanation, im still trying to explain
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