Vault 8 Presale

EU store link will be live at 10am pacific today.


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    It's a hopeless situation...
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    Nice, thanks SLH
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    When does presale end?


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    cool - thanks Santos!
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    Thanks Santos.
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    thank you! B)
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    When does presale end?
    Remember the Thomas Nine!! (10/02/2018)

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    nice a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul...
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    Love getting these in the mail once a year and spinning them, can’t wait
    PJ, Please come back to Cleveland in 2018

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    Thanks Santos. And thanks for putting it in the EU store. :rock_on:
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  • Thanks, Santos! Ordered! Can't wait to get my first vault release. 
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    Looking forward to this one!
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    @Santos L. Halper when does the presale ends? 
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    EU store link will be live at 10am pacific today.
    Thanks for this SANTOS.
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    thx 10C!
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    usually there is a 2-3 month presale period.   just wondering how long orders will be taken.


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    A full show!!!
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    Hey look mom, no covers! :smiley:

    08/29/05 – Adams Event Center, Missoula, MT
    attendance: approx 7500
    support act: The Briefs
    main set: MFC, Save You, Do The Evolution, 1/2 Full, Insignificance, Given To Fly, Sad, Even Flow, Faithfull, Daughter, Lukin, Grievance (incomplete), Whipping, I Got Shit, Nothing As It Seems, Rearviewmirror
    first encore: Elderly Woman …, Sleight of Hand, Black, Glorified G, Alive
    second encore: Bee Girl (Ed and Jeff), Black Red Yellow, Better Man, Porch
    third encore: Yellow Ledbetter
    TFT Notes: This show was a political fundraiser for Montana politician Jon Tester’s U.S. Senate Election Bid. Jeff Ament takes the stage first and thanks many people but “mostly, I want to thank the band – I want to thank Ed, Stone, Matt and Mike for coming over.” Continuing he introduces the “next senator of Montana”, Jon Tester. Jon Tester briefly and enthusiastically introduces Pearl Jam, alluding to his experience with fellow Montanan Jeff Ament, “this is what happens when a dirt farmer from Big Sandy runs for the U.S Senate teamed up with a bass player from Big Sandy and a world-class band. We’re just a couple of Montana boys trying to have a good time.” The band took the stage with the house lights still up. The crowd sings the last chorus of “Even Flow” after Ed pleas “Would you do me the privilege of singing this next chorus on your own? Giving me the day off, just for a chorus? Loud as you can, that kinda thing. Shall we? I’d be grateful.” Before the outro of “Faithfull”, Ed prepends:

    I think we want to believe. I think we deserve to believe.
    Something … something … something …
    They aint’ trying to screw us, or rip us off, or tear us apart, or kill us, or take our lives. Lord have mercy…
    M-Y-T-H-S …

    After some back-and-forth shout outs at the beginning of the “Daughter” jam, Ed sings an improv to the common tune of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2″:

    “We don’t need no misrepresentation
    We don’t need no Fox News Report
    Take your bias, shove it up your asses
    Don’t you remember what the truth is worth?
    Reporters leave Cindy Sheehan alone
    Leave her alone…

    Ed dedicates “Elderly Woman …” to “the Mayor of Big Sandy” – Jon Tester, that is. The “Jeff Chant” is back in full force after “Black” and Ed praises Jeff saying that “when Jeff got a bit of money, from our band working in Seattle, the first thing he did was move back here.” “Bee Girl” is played for the first time since October 2, 1994, a gap of 320 shows, and Ed acknowledges both prior performances (October 18, 1993(Rockline) and October 2, 1994). With Phil Jackson (former Chicago Bulls coach, now L.A. Lakers coarch) in attendance, “Black, Red, Yellow” – written about “six extraordinary human beings that work together as a team” – is played for the first time since November 24, 1996, a gap of 246 shows. “Porch” starts again with the slow, funky intro. Before “Yellow Ledbetter”, Ed salutes the crowd, acknowledging “it’s been awhile since we played live, so we spend time living normal lives, we have no idea that there’s this kind of energy out there waiting for us, so thanks again.” All songs played tonight are Pearl Jam songs, no covers.

    It's a hopeless situation...
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    Thank you!!! Ordered
    Up here in my tree yeah... 

    8/18/2018: Wrigley #1
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    I’ve never heard this show

    one of only a few I haven’t heard

    looking forward to hear it on a “ piece of vinyl”

    baba booey
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    09: 8-23 ChicagoI, 8-24 ChicagoII, 10-6 LA3, 10-7 LA4,10-9 SD,10-30,10-31 Philly...EV Solo 6-11 Philly2
    2010:5-15 Hartford, 5-17 Boston, 5-18 Newark, 5-20 MSG1,5-21 MSG2
    -Salsa Caliente-
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    Waiting on UK store :)
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    I'll pre-order once my wallet recovers from the upcoming Wrigley shows.  I normally don't order the vaults but this show and setlist is too good to pass up. 
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    Wasn't this the show to test basecamp downloads? I have the mp3s of this show. I guess we now know why this show isn't on nugs.
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    Awesome!!!! Thanks Santos. I'm really happy it's a mid-2000s one this time. This show has a great setlist for me (despite Bee Girl, haha).

    (can't wait to get VAULT 2 on vinyl still - another amazing mid-2000s show that I'm dying to spin. I have faith that it will happen someday)
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    Not a '96 show as I had hoped but still very very cool.  Never heard this one so I am super excited to spin it.
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
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    Jamer196 said:
    How much is the shipping for you from the Euro shop?
    With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. ~ Desiderata
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