Things that are a must do when in Chicago



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    Wacker Drive is named after Charles Henry Wacker, turn-of-the-century Chicago city planner and director of the Chicago World's Fair.

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    Piece Pizza

    Do-rite donuts.

    Cruz Blanca Brewery-mexican
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    The air and water show is Saturday and Sunday morning / afternoon at North Avenue Beach
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    BK221359 said:
    Brewery Recommendations Please...
    Willing to travel around the Chicagoland area?

    Noon whistle


    Solemn oath


    But those are in addition to the usual suspects. I had a great time at half acre last time. Piece brewing is not bad and has great pizza. And for beer bars map room and Hopleaf have been good to me in the past.

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    I very much enjoy kayaking down the Chicago river, I would suggest renting a kayak from Kayak Chicago and go down to wolf point, very fun time!
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    Portillo's for sure for a chicago dog and italian beef! If your a metal head at all get a burger at Kuma's Corner. Last time i was there i rented a jet ski and hit lake michigan which was ridiculously fun. Hit up Reckless Records! Dive bars in Wicker Park are always a good time too!
    Reckless is a fantastic store.
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    If people with medicinal cards coming to Wrigley have questions about the dispensary process, please msg me! Safe Travels Everyone!
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    AAJC said:
    I’ll be there through the weekend drinking all the beer there is. I have a ticket to the show on Saturday, I just hope I remember to go. 

    Is it possible to drink beer with Frank at the Shameless house?

    Frank is the man, I love that show
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    Another question: My wife wants to take a boat ride to see the sites - a booze cruise.  Can anyone suggest a good one? 
    Thanks in advance!
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    igotid_8 said:
    Another question: My wife wants to take a boat ride to see the sites - a booze cruise.  Can anyone suggest a good one? 
    Thanks in advance!
    a bunch of fans are doing this one:

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    I ll be in Chicago this time next week!  Oh baby!!
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
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    You should catch the fireworks at Navy Pier but they only have them on Wednesday(9:30PM) and Saturday(10:15PM). I know most of us will be busy Saturday night but in case you aren't.
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