FT Sydney Big Day Out ‘14 @ Home Shows

jdsseujdsseu Austin, TX Posts: 51
I have one Big Day Out Sydney ‘14 for trade for a Klausen Seattle Home Show poster. I will be there on Wednesday for the trade if anyone is interested. Also, a long shot, but if anyone has a Ames Pj20 poster will trade plus cash. 

PM if anyone would like to discuss trade. 

Houston, TX - 10/14/00
San Antonio, TX - 04/05/03,Houston, TX - 04/06/03,Dallas, TX - 06/09/03
Toledo, OH (VFC) - 10/02/04,Grand Rapids, MI (VFC) - 10/03/04
Manchester, TN (Bonnaroo) - 06/14/08
San Francisco, CA (Outside Lands) - 08/28/09, Austin, TX (ACL Fest) 10/04/09 Los Angeles, CA - 10/07/09,San Diego, CA - 10/09/09
New Orleans, LA (Jazz Fest) - 05/01/10
East Troy, WI (PJ20) - 09/03/11,East Troy, WI (PJ20) - 09/04/11
Austin, TX 11/09/12 (EV only), Austin, TX 11/11/12 (EV only)
Austin, TX 10/05/14 (ACL), Austin, TX 10/12/14 (ACL)
Seattle, WA 08/08/18 (Home Shows), Seattle, WA 08/10/18 (Home Shows)
Hamilton, ON 09/06/22, Toronto, ON 09/08/22, Denver, CO 09/22/22

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