Must read interviews

As I try to get a bit deeper into songs and actions of our band I am looking for must read/legendary interview in magazines. 
Ive got some old ones from several artists which I keep close as the feeling and thought behind some answers and explanations resonate with some moments in life. 
Also interesting to read what keeps our guys motivated to keep going and books that inspire them. 
I love to find the magazine you guys come up with on eBay and tear the pages out and put them in my book or when you guys want to clear out some cupboards I’m happy to send you my address and take them off your hands 
really curious to see what you come up with! 

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2010: Nijmegen
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  • rhanishanerhanishane NSW AustraliaPosts: 309
    I don't have anything but remember buying a pearl Jam magazine in my teens.. A certain line i read i will always remember.... someone stole Eddies notebook at a show and he was mega pissed off saying it doesn't mean fuck all to anyone else. 
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