ISO Copa USA Large shirt trade for 1998 soccer jerseys

Help!  I've been trying to get one of these for a while now.  I've got 2 soccer jerseys from the 98 tour (and 1 long sleeve one from Riot Act) and I'm willing to trade one of them straight up for one of the new COPA USA large jerseys :) They are XL's, but run really small.  So really, they're Larges. I was out of town when the Copa one's went up and missed them going on sale!  Want to get one of these new one's for my son!  Just let me know if you're interested!  Thanks! Rich  Saratoga NY



  • PP193448PP193448 Springboro, OHPosts: 3,881
    Great deal.  I bought 2 XXL Copas, thinking I would wear them. They are quite big, so will not fit me.  Too bad you don’t need bigger size...  
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