Swapping 2 Ten Club tickets: Seattle (8/8 and 8/10) for Fenway (9/2 and 9/4)

Hello, PJ Forum!

This is my first post, so please forgive any newbie errors!

I have 2 Ten Club tickets to both Seattle Shows:
8/8 = 2 Tickets, Reserved Seating
8/10 = 2 Tickets, GA

I was living in Seattle and life was great!  But I recently re-located for work...to Boston!  Lucky me, if I can somehow make a swap for these tickets.

Would anyone be willing to complete a two-show, Ten Club ticket trade?

I'll give you my one extra ticket for each of the two Seattle shows, and I'll take your extra ticket for each of the two Fenway shows in Boston (9/2 and 9/4).

I'm not looking to make any money off this deal or anything like that - just would love to not completely eat the cost of the 4 tickets and also have a chance to see PJ in Boston/Fenway.


- Andrew
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