Direction of Focus

When I was young, when life was difficult, sometimes I would survive the difficulties by dreaming of a better future.  I’d make lists of goals and plans and wishes.  My eyes were on tomorrow rather than today.  I’d use my imagination to create a better reality than the one before my eyes.  This allowed me to stay hopeful and survive.

Now that I’m older, I realize that this habit may have allowed me to keep my spirits up but it didn’t directly solve the problems.  So now, I’m trying to improve my life by truly standing in and turning towards the reality in which I’m living.  I have less time for unproductive dreaming and wishing.  It may have kept me happy in hard times but it also was a distraction rather than a solution to problems. 

Now, I’m being careful not to sit in my hopeful dream world too long because (ultimately) it’s not helpful to me.  When I find myself slipping back into this habit, I stop.



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    I'm enjoying your prose poems.
    There is no such thing as leftover pizza. There is now pizza and later pizza. - anonymous
    The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math - The Mincing Mockingbird
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    Thanks for reading ‘em.
  • Hello friends, just like to say you guys are quite phenomonel in your insight! into the everyday emotional turmoil of ordinary people's day to day ups and downs. Sometimes a fly on the wall feels obligated to pass on learned Self Help pointers! I await more kernels! Those of us blinded by youth, self doubt and lonliness are encouraged by your take on the upside of life without these limitations or obstacles! From a square peg to a perfectly rounded individual is the dream. I look forward to constructive yet compassionate points of view as most square pegs do from people like you who always have a message of hope and positivity.

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