Rome Emek for a London EV Dan Mumford?

drfoxdrfox Posts: 40
I have been unsuccessfully searching for a Eddie Vedder London Dan Mumford poster since the show last year. I was just wanting to gauge if anyone has any interest in trading their Mumford poster for a Rome Emek show edition? At this stage I am only gauging interest, and would ideally like to pay cash for the Mumford, however may consider selling the Emek as a last resort. I also have a London 1 show edition, a Rio AP and a Barcelona AP which I would prefer to trade if possible.


  • Good luck OP. The Mumford London seems almost impossible to track down so I'll give you a best of luck bump!
  • pt159835pt159835 indianaPosts: 60
    PM sent
  • BasilgBasilg Killingworth, CT Posts: 23
    Do you still have the Rome Emek?
  • Hopefully 10 club drops these posters soon bump.
  • BasilgBasilg Killingworth, CT Posts: 23
    You think they will? Would they do it on the PJ website shop or at Emek's website?

  • PJ 10 club shop. The AP's that Emek dropped a while back sold out in record time and prolly crashed his site. Everyone including me had one in their carts!
  • BasilgBasilg Killingworth, CT Posts: 23
    No shit? Wow.  Is there an ETA, heads-up or just keep checking?  What does bump mean?
  • drfoxdrfox Posts: 40
    Hi - apologies, only just seen this. I traded my Rome to get the Mumford a few months ago
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