Trade Only! 2 8/10 GA 10 Club Tix for 2 8/10 reserved 10 Club tix

My sister and I planned to go to the Home Shows - our first shows together in over 10 years.  But then she suffered a stroke in April and she has been rehabilitating ever since.  The thing that keeps her going is her desire to still go to the shows.  She has Dr. approval but she cannot stand for that long.  This show is on her birthday which gives this trip even more meaning.  If you have reserved fan club tickets for that night but would like to be in GA, please let me know.  My sister and I would truly appreciate it.  Thank you!


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    JonTurnerJonTurner Posts: 89
    Hi, I have this and would love to trade!
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    cyarnescyarnes Posts: 5
    Hi Jon.  Thanks for your reply.  I didn't realize that there was a new ticketing system this year and many who have responded suggest a trade may not work.  They did suggest I contact 10C to see if they can arrange something so I just did.  I am waiting to hear back from them and will try to find out all I can.  

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