Tickets to Concert @ Fenway Park

I have 4 tickets for their show on Tuesday, September 4, Section: Loge Box 102, Row DD @ FENWAY PARK in Boston. Looking to trade someone for similar tickets for the Sunday show instead. Please let me know if interested! 


  • Sorry nothing to trade but I'd be interested in the Tuesday tickets if you decide to sell at all. 
  • sloganslogan Posts: 8
    If you end up selling and have and have an extra to unload I would really appreciate a N2 ticket.  Couldn't make it back for London N2 from CO so hoping to make it to Fenway.  Thx.
  • PorchgirlCOPorchgirlCO ColoradoPosts: 1,343
    If no one is interested in a trade, I'd love to buy two to get them off your hands also!! Thanks
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  • curmudgeonesscurmudgeoness Brigadoon, foodie capitalPosts: 2,561
    Also interested in these, but to buy, not trade. Would take two or four.
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