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Looking for 1 x GA ticket for Tuesday 17th July 2018 London show

If anyone has a spare ten club GA ticket for the Tuesday 19th July London show (the postponed and rearranged 19th June gig), please let me know, will 100% take it (buy it from you as per ten club rules). Probably too late now but let me know, thank you!


  • rtwilli4rtwilli4 Posts: 261
    I have a seated ticket for sale if you want. Section 419.
  • RiffJamRiffJam Posts: 138
    I have a spare 10C standing ticket if you’re still looking/interested
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  • monkeyphoenixmonkeyphoenix LondonPosts: 27
    Thank you both so much. I have already found a ticket. Hope you can find folks for yours
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