PETITION Release Official DVD/BR Bootlegs

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PETITION Release Official DVD/BR Bootlegs
Dear Pearl Jam!
Please release Official DVD/BR Bootlegs!!!
The shows are very, very well and exciting filmed.
Great views and angles.
Most of the footage that can be seen on the sreens looks GREAT
and most of them needs no re-editing in my view.
"Only" some scenes need to be re-edit and some blank footage needs to be filled.
On the sound you are working anyway.
They can be also sold throught the 10C-Shop.
Or just put together more Touring Band DVDs/BRs!
Or at least release a song/some songs from every show on the internet.
Greetings from germany
Dear Jamily!
Please sign up if you want to!
And if you have any additions feel free to write in this thread!
P.S. And to kick things off: give us a webcast of London2 please!!!
We want to see this FANtastic FANecstatic EU 2018 Tour!!!
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  • PeArLgOoNeRPeArLgOoNeR Posts: 1,039
    They won't do it, but I'll sign up for it!

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    This is a great idea. Other bands do it, so should PJ! Offer them on the website as a download!
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  • pashapasamanpashapasaman Posts: 490
    I think these tour camera angles were awesome
    especially the one in Berlin and considering how beautiful the venue is
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  • RoleModelsinBlood31RoleModelsinBlood31 Austin TXPosts: 5,554
    I endorse this.  Put my name on the list, Frank from Germany!
    I'm like an opening band for your mom.
  • D.FrankD.Frank Posts: 484
    C'mon everybody! I don't think it will happen but lets try it anyway!!!
  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 770
    They totally won't do this but I would love it so much!
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  • D.FrankD.Frank Posts: 484
    Bump  ;)
  • D.FrankD.Frank Posts: 484
    For current reasons:
    lets do this for 2020!!!
  • mrussel1mrussel1 Posts: 18,224
    Yeah but stop showing the first half of the show in black and white.  That started a few years ago for some odd reason.  
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