Likely Seattle 2 reserved ticket for SALE - transaction question

Hello all, looks like I found my Seattle 1 ticket that I knew I'd need to find, so my thought that I had to hold onto my 2nd Seattle 2 ticket to offer for trade is probably not true anymore.  Still waiting to make sure 2 friends who I offered the extra Seattle 2 to don't need it, but looking pretty likely I'll be able to sell it.

So the reason I'm posting now, before I'm sure I can even offer it, is I'm wondering how people are handling these sales/purchases here?  Since you can't transfer the tix, are people usually meeting up at the venue to do their swap?  Or are people paying in advance and hoping all goes well with finding their other person on the day of the show?  Or something else?

And my life has been hectic since these tix went onsale so I haven't been here that much - we don't find out where our seats are until we pick up the tickets, right?  Or will people who bought reserved find out ahead of show day?

Thanks everyone!
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