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After 36 show in 22 years, yesterday was the first time in my life that I went to a Pearl Jam show with my wife. We went an hour and a half before the merch tent opened and the queue was long but ok, once they opened we saw that they only brought a few and most of the people bought two posters, so they were sold out. Then with the early entry most of the people went directly to the pit and when we arrive to the two merch stands, the posters were gone... Then this morning I got a poster in the cart, I did all the steps to pay at paypal and when I finished it took me back to the artist website with an empty cart, no confirmation email or whatever.

So, at this point you know that I would love to have this pice of art. If anyone has an spare, please contact me. Here is my collection, so take a look and maybe we can arrange a trade.

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  • IcemanDorvalIcemanDorval Posts: 421
     I might have the Prague AP available.
    Berlin 2010 and Montreal are of interest to me.
    Will get back to you when I get back to Canada and have sorted things out.
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    Thanks! Please contact me when you are back. Berlin 2010 is not available for trade/sell cause I went to that show and Montreal is not longer in my collection. 
    I could trade:
    Pearl Jam Mexico City 03 Ames
    Pearl Jam Arnhem Antwerp 06 Ames 
    Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me -> Stupid Mop -> Estúpida Fregona ->
  • BCN - SpainPosts: 239
    I also have now only one Barcelona poster to trade with.

    Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me -> Stupid Mop -> Estúpida Fregona ->
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