Please help me

Dear Pearl Jam family, please help me making this viral, so it can reach the band:

“Our dear friend and great PJ fan Israel Barrales was planning to attend the next Pearl Jam show in Barcelona on July 10th to celebrate his birthday; he had his entire journey prepared. But his plans never came to pass as he died unexpectedly this Saturday, during an emergency heart surgery he had to go through. As a tribute to a great friend, even greater human being and huge PJ fan, the PJ fan community in Mexico ask for your help to make the hashtag #playoceansforisrael something viral and that this message gets to the band and get them to dedicate Oceans, (Israel’s favorite song), to his memory.”

Thank you all so much for your help.


With the rain running down my face.... And many a tear lives on in my eye..... and i love @PearlJam and Ten Club Member
México D.F. ·
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