*** Rome, Italy Fanviews Here 6/26/18 ***

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Pearl Jam
Stadio Olimpico
Rome, It
June 26, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 9:18
Band Offstage: 12:26
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

01. Release
02. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(Chats with audience in Italian.  Something about the Rome concert being very important to him and it being 22 years since they played here (I think).
03. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
04. Corduroy
05. Why Go (says “why go to Rome” in first chorus)
06. Do The Evolution
(More Italian. Introduces Jeff as the writer of the next song)
07. Pilate
08. Given To Fly
09. Even Flow
(Mr. Mike McCready.  We’re a much better group than we were 22 years ago.  Because back then we didn’t have Matt Fucking Cameron. Sings “We love Matt Cameron, Yes we do” a few times. And for the first time in Rome Mr. Boom Gaspar)
10. Waste Reprise
11. Wishlist
12. Lighting Bolt
(We’d like to celebrate some woman tonight.  The first is a great great woman and great song writer…a great friend of Mike’s and now a friend of the band, Brandi Carlile.  It is called Not Today, no, Again Today.  Not Again Today!)
13. Again Today-(Carlile)
14. Untitled (while playing the guitar Ed notes that the echo in the stadium makes it sound like there is another band playing “over there”.  He says “Hello Ed,” and listens to the echo.  He tells a story behind this song)
15. MFC
16. Immortality
17. Unthought Known
(We’d like to dedicate this one to a mountain.  Mt. Etna.  Mike McCready on guitar)
18. Eruption-(Van Halen)
19. Can’t Deny Me
(Ed busts out his Italian again and when he stumbles he manages to swear pretty well. He introduces Stone to sing the next song)
20. Mankind (Stone vocals)
21. Animal
22. Lukin
23. Porch (During the instrumental section Ed swings his guitar like a baseball bat. He also reflects light off the pick guard into the audience.  Jeff swings a globe.  EV runs to the SL wing of the stage and eventually goes to the barricade to sing)

Encore Break 1

Ed chats with crowd. He talks about being here many years ago and thanks the audience.

24. Sleeping By Myself
(Ed talks about how he learned something incredible in Padova. He learned three hundred and forty years ago, as of yesterday, the very first woman to graduate from university was Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia. Must have been such an incredible woman. That must have been like walking on the moon.  Woman have been smarter than me for three hundred and forty years)
25. Just Breathe
(Speaks in Italian. He speaks in English for a bit to talk about how radically the US has changed for the worse and that when he gets back it won’t be same as when we left it.  It seems he might be encouraging people to get involved in government and to vote.)
26. Imagine-(Lennon) (Imagine no possessions, I wonder if he can. No need for walls or hunger..) (A sign shows on video screen for a group that is trying to help refugees and immigrants in Italy.  Missed name.  Slogan was "saving is not a crime." )
27. Daughter / WMA  (one minute tag [sings Hey Joe, Hey Joe, Rizzo, Rizzo [tribute to baseball player Joe Rizzo]. Improv lyric- life is best above the Spanish steps it means so much to feel at home walking the streets of Rome)
28. State Of Love And Trust
(We have something special for you tonight.  I am so excited.  It is not the first time but it might only be the second but it is a rare occurrence.  We have Matt Cameron taking over on the vocals and Mike McCready)
29. Black Diamond-(Stanley) Kiss cover with Matt Cameron lead vocals.  Mike sang intro verse
30. Jeremy
31. Better Man / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (40 second tag) /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (1 minute tag)
Encore Break 2
(In Italian Ed intros song)
32. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
33. Black (home is where the heart is home is where the …home is where I feel at home)
34. Rearviewmirror
35. Alive (Ed’s guitar tech comes out and films Ed as he waves a Rizzo jersey during the chorus before the solo)
36. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young)  (Ed gets a pride flag that says Fuck Trump / Love Life and wears it for a bit. Audience sings Olé Pearl Jam while the band waves from the stage

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Thank you!

Thank you, John for the set list & notes.

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  • yoyoyoyo FrancePosts: 269
    Thx PJ !!!!! 
  • unikunkaunikunka Posts: 87
    In 53 shows I have never seen a better crowd or the band in such great spirits. Amazing night.  One of the best.  
  • That was one unbelievable show!!  If you wouldn’t have known about Eddie’s voice troubles, you wouldn’t have noticed.  But knowing that, you could tell he tried to give his voice a rest more frequently... but... the result?  We got Stone singing, we got Matt singing, we got blistering extended Mike solos, a good mix of loud and slow songs...  And I’m sure there’s no other singer out there who, after losing his voice, would still pull out the heavy songs and play a 35 song, 3 hour setlist!  It was insane.  Eddie didn’t seem to want to leave the stage at the end...

    Thank you Pearl Jam for an awesome show, one that I won’t forget.
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 21,492
    Whoa. What a set list!  Congrats to all that attended. 
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • Alex-555Alex-555 Posts: 6
    I was a bit worried about the stadiontour, but this was the best show I‘ve attended!!! Incredible-Thanx to PJ and Rome!
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 12,629
    I thought Jeff was going to see Sweet Lou after Stone, Matt and Mike all sang.
  • EPIC

    Floor crowd was the best I’ve ever been a part of. Came from DC, see ya in Krakow and Berlin

    MSG > everything combined
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 12,629
    Show was fantastic.  
  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 719
    edited June 2018
    While the setlist itself may not be mindblowing, how tight the band was and how good Ed's voice was once again for three hours was beyond exciting! Just an amazingly energetic show to watch through a screen, I could only imagine how great it would have been to be there!
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  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 719
    Thanks Sea and Thank you John for the fanviews!
    "Red Rover, Red Rover, Mike McCready-Take Over!!" - E.V.

    2018- Chicago 2 (Wrigley Field) 8/20

    2018 - CURE Benefit Show (Chicago - Navy Pier) 10/15

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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,125
    Best band evere ..  period.... 
    Black Diamond. Tonight gave a crazy unreal vibe to the show. 
    And Mike solo at C. NUMB. OMG. . OMG. . OMG. 

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    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
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  • offhegoes32offhegoes32 Posts: 371
    Wow this show sounds amazing!  Glad to hear they’re back to playing super long for tonight at least.

    I’m going to guess that Hey Joe part of the tag references Joe Maddon, and the Rizzo is separate for just Anthony Rizzo.  Anthony has Italian heritage and has represented Italy in the WBC before, guessing that video will be sent to the Cubs pretty quickly:)
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  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 719
    Wow this show sounds amazing!  Glad to hear they’re back to playing super long for tonight at least.

    I’m going to guess that Hey Joe part of the tag references Joe Maddon, and the Rizzo is separate for just Anthony Rizzo.  Anthony has Italian heritage and has represented Italy in the WBC before, guessing that video will be sent to the Cubs pretty quickly:)
    Was thinking the same thing. Go Cubbies!
    "Red Rover, Red Rover, Mike McCready-Take Over!!" - E.V.

    2018- Chicago 2 (Wrigley Field) 8/20

    2018 - CURE Benefit Show (Chicago - Navy Pier) 10/15

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  • NewJPageNewJPage Posts: 2,934
    Looks good!

    Interesting ed sang “We love Matt Cameron, Yes we do”
    He sang the same thing with Jack Irons subbed in in 1995
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  • joergjoerg AustriaPosts: 120
    Only two words: THANK YOU!!! Wow, what a show, what a great audience, PJ you're just the best, thank you so much guys, can't wait for Prague!
    ... wind in my hair i feel part of everywhere ...
  • SpinTheLastExitSpinTheLastExit Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 324
    Set wasn't mind-blowing by any means, but they were on fire. Glad to see it's all back to normal service!
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  • vitovito ChicagoPosts: 464
    Anyone know the size of the crowd, someone earlier said 75,000? If so thats pretty damn impressive!
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  • Peasant TentsPeasant Tents UKPosts: 650
    My 30th show and close to the best. Right up front the sound was brilliant.
    Mike's solo in CN - He absolutely smashed it. That was mind blowing on a whole new level. 
    Great night. Thanks PJ. See you in Prague!
  • EB218946EB218946 New JerseyPosts: 2,871
    Loved this show!  For me personally hearing Untitled into MFC was worth the price of admission.  
  • PapPap Serres, GreecePosts: 21,303
    edited June 2018
    That Black tag reminds of Jack Johnson's Home! :smile:
    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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  • SmellymanSmellyman AsiaPosts: 3,912
    I've attended over 20 shows and that was the best sounding show I have witnessed.

    Ed's voice was LOUD.  But every other band member was crystal clear as well.  Matt was thunderous.  Setlist was amazing, crowd was amazing and  the energy of the band made the crowd get more more pumped as the night went on.  Didn't want it to stop. 

    The will call fiasco couldn't ruin the night.
  • thebuilderthebuilder Rifle, COPosts: 96
    21st show.. traveled from colorado. Met some great fans. Utah girl in the ticket line, Hong Kong teacher and Portland guy in “merch” line.. unfortunate to make the trip and not be able to get a poster, possibly the most “must have” poster to cap off my travels and really show as a reminder of the entire trip to Rome, perhaps one will pop up to buy.  Anyhow.. after a beer or twelve at the Rome brew house a brisk walk into the venue just to find out our fan club seats were obstructed by the front of house tents (boo, hiss) we were accommodated by venue staff with GA access where the night seemingly couldn’t get better.. well it did, with one of the most blazing set lists that I’ve encounter live. Ripping and poignant.. from the Roman chorus for release to the thump of why go, and the flub of given to fly and soo soo much more, it was an excellent concert to end this excellent trip to Rome.. lots of love to the friends we met along the way. Here’s to Rome and to Pearl Jam! 
    Feel free 2 feel free
  • Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 17,626
    Just wanna say, I'll be buying this boot.
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  • EB218946EB218946 New JerseyPosts: 2,871
    Bummed I couldn’t get a poster to this show.  Guy at merch booth said posters sold out in like 20 minutes.
    Hopefully, Tenclub will put a few up for sale on site.
  • LeleRMLeleRM In My TreePosts: 13
    22 Years wait deserved such unforgetable night! Thanks to the band and to the crowd for the energy and the vibes...I hope that all the Jammers travelled for this gig will come back home with great memories from my city...
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  • Conjack76Conjack76 Posts: 11
    Absolutely incredible gig. . They literally got stronger the more they played.. Hopefully this comes out in film format to capture the atmosphere... So glad I booked this.. Was also in Amsterdam night 1 but this had a different vibe. Ole Ole PJ 
  • LenzLenz Posts: 79
    ....just - thank you!
    Just returned from Italy and still got no words (and no voice). A good warm up show at Milan, a lovely show at lovely Padova and a night for the books in the eternal city
  • KsayetKsayet Posts: 5
    I might be crazy but did anyone see (what looked to be) a shooting star during Imagine?
  • Yes! Saw the shooting star as did others around us.
  • AD161755AD161755 Posts: 3
    edited June 2018
    What amazing gig in Rome! Thank you guyz!

    PS: Some Italian's Ten Club members are fkn NAZI, probably this is my last year as member. 
    There was a guy that pretended to manage the access to the stadium for all the 10C members... 
    He had a panther tattooed on his back and he shouted and threatened to 10C members that don't wanna stand at his rules (he said that he would slap me). I don't wanna be anymore a member of a group that accept fascists. Many 10C members quited the line due this heavy atmosphere.
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