ISO: Pearl Jam Chicago N1 & N2 - Any quantity! Plus, I will mail you merch!

SS657083SS657083 Posts: 110
Hey everyone - I am searching for 1 or 2 tickets to the Wrigley shows on the 18th and 20th anywhere in the park!  Nose bleeds, 100 level, 10C GA Pit - anything. =)

I have the cash and can pay you via today.

In addition, as a thank you for helping out a fellow PJ fan on his birthday, I also have some merch and can mail you a few items that you can select from the following list:
1. PJ Amsterdam Windmill Sticker
2. PJ Amsterdam Lion Sticker
3. PJ Amsterdam Lion Pin
4. PJ Amsterdam Parrot Pin
5. PJ Let's Play Two Shirt Size XL
6. PJ Wrigley 2016 Baseball Sticker
7. PJ Wrigley 2016 Baseball Cards
8. PJ Wrigley 2016 Baseball Patch
9. PJ Wrigley 2016 Skull Patch
10. PJ Wrigley 2016 Home Plate Patch
11. PJ Wrigley 2016 Navy Coozie
12. PJ New York City Central Park 9/22/15 - David Hale Poster
13.  PJ Arras, France 7/3/2012 - CRAOLA x KMNDZ
14. PJ Third Man Records Release Patch
15. PJ Light & Sound Sticker

Or, if you can't make the show, I can buy you some merch at the Wrigley shows to mail to you.  

You can comment here and/or send me a private message and I'll get back to you ASAP.  Very motivated to find any tickets! THANKS! 
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