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10C GA Question

sloganslogan Posts: 8

Apologies in advance for revisiting an often addressed topic of 10C GA tips and community etiquette.  First time for me in GA so excuse that this seems obvious to others…

  1. Does anyone know if at the O2 in London the 10C GA is separated from the regular GA section (and would assume 10C section would be better positioned).  I’ve seen some floor maps that appear to be one massive GA on the floor and others that show separate sections on the floor.  This may be relevant for anyone like myself coming from US and arriving LHR Monday afternoon so unable to queue up earlier in the afternoon.
  2. Doors open at 18:00, show starts at 20:00.  If answer to Q1 that there is just one GA section, and knowing I won’t be at the venue early enough to be up front them I would value being able to get a beer between entry and lights down.  I know that most people are cool about letting you back to your area but is this a case of being able to do it but pissing off 20 people in the process of doing so?  Don’t want the experience to be about that and if that’s the reality then it tells me regardless of when I enter I will be hanging all the way in the back.  Any thoughts appreciated.


  • lenglolenglo Quebec City, CanadaPosts: 36
    +1 looking for the same details for Padova
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,346
    10c ticket has early entrance. U get in befire rest ga of public sales
    Is not seperate usually in o2. So all 10c members with tix get in and then puvlic ga gets in. Behind them.u will not have pro get back to your spot if u leave fir a few min
    Italy shows is different story. 
    There will be a first pit GA section in front of stage where 10c tix (again with early entrance) and some other pit ga tix holders will be in  that section but will get in after 10c.And then another section of ga behind it
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