FENWAY = OUR HONEYMOON!! <3 Please play our wedding song...SIRENS!

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My soon-to-be husband and I are diehard, lifelong PJ fans. This amazing band has also had an important place in our relationship. Our first kiss - I kissed him when he told me that his favorite band was Pearl Jam. I took him to his first shows. When he proposed - he rented a local theater and a "movie" played that he created which culminated in a PJ soundtrack and Eddie with a speech bubble saying "You should marry David!"  (How could I say no?! lol)

So of course we're dancing to Sirens at our wedding at the end of August... after which we're heading right off to Fenway for our PEARL JAM HONEYMOON!! (could this be more perfect?!)

Guys... I don't post on here often (regular lurker) and I don't know how to make this happen but I'm hoping you can help. If the band played our wedding song Sirens at Fenway this would be the most amazing gift in the whole world. Tearing up just thinking about how special this would be!! It would be the perfect cherry on top of our PJ-centric relationship and something we'd remember forever. If anyone who reads this can give this a bump and keep this post going so just maybe, somehow they see it... we would be SO very grateful! Fingers crossed and thank you all in advance<3

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