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PJ live clip in Rise of the Video Game

Unholy_KingfishUnholy_Kingfish Posts: 11
edited December 2007 in The Porch
I was watching "Rise of the Video Game" part 3 on the Discovery channel tonight and noticed that they used some live PJ footage that looked like it was from the TEN days.

They were talking about how in the early 90's Nirvana and the grunge movement had the same spirit of rebellion as the video games developers had while creating Wolfenstien 3D and DOOM.

Right at the 4-15 minute mark (right after they mention Nirvana) you see some mosh pits, then a guy with long hair in "grunge wear" staning on a monitor who looks from the back like EV and moves like him. Then a few seconds later you see Mike and Jeff on stage.

BTW, the "Rise of the Video Game" series is great if you like that stuff.

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