Long times riding despair
In a sky conveyor, carry for help
Drag away just for the thrill
In the moment when masters flexed
All alone, and lacking respect

I sail away with myself
I sail away and I don't know
With broken wing, I don't show
the sky to whisk away the fearful
and empty, felt through throbbing bone

Inner addiction, well I can't
In her ambition, to go without
Lost times and soldier’s bare
Broken shakes, that shape the will
No reason, raped, alone
No reason, hate, and bestowed

I sail away with myself
I sail away within myself
I sail away with myself
I sail away, and I don't know

The only thing I enjoy is having no feelings....being numb rocks!

And I won't make the same mistakes
(Because I know)
Because I know how much time that wastes
(And function)
Function is the key
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