First Light

The flowers woke up my imagination today

that plain land open to plant some flowers and shrubs

what colors do I want?

what will grow here?

and there’s that feeling  

peeking out from the back of my mind

a toddler cautiously looking out

is anyone awake yet?

or, that tickle of on the top of my skull

to remind me it’s there

hey, is there some space now?

can I come out?

so often my soul returns with music

or I find stories

those recounting true experience

these wind chimes that wake up the child inside

then, blankets pushed back

little feet hit the floor

excited there’s light

is anyone else awake?



  • depopulationINCdepopulationINC Posts: 2,074
    When in doubt plant weed.  It also distracts you from the little one making noise.  :D
    The only thing I enjoy is having no feelings....being numb rocks!

    And I won't make the same mistakes
    (Because I know)
    Because I know how much time that wastes
    (And function)
    Function is the key
  • FVFV Posts: 4
    Great imagery. It makes me feel like the one jumping out of bed with child-like excitement.
    I've also noticed the importance of music recently. I've gone a long while without listening to music, but recently I've been listening to music regularly again and it adds a whole new dimension to life.
  • justamjustam Posts: 21,299
    Music definitely adds a lot to life!
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