the poetry hut

The poetry hut

A long forgotten corner of the inter-galaxy

A flame, a flicker, eternally  to light the way

It was a place we once would gather,

Spin glittering threads of gold


Our spirits dancing together ,

 lithe kisses healing our wounds,

bolstering our courage

and inspiring proetic swoons.


I remember each so fondly

In your words I did delight

I tip-toe back there now and then

To sing your songs again.


Do you hear me when I call to you?

When I whisper-scream your names

I am aching for the times we played

And the friendships that we made


I miss the way we laughed

I miss the way we played

I miss the way our words made love

And washed this world away

Being Enlightened, Bhagavad Gita

Setaside, Radar (Baba) O’Rielly

Finsbury Park Carrots, Palli Alli

This happy phantom loves the ghosts of you

And my beloved Goulet too.

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