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Hi guys, I'm on the lookout for the last remaining LPs from my Neil Young collection and I'm hoping I can get some help here.

Some of these are to replace records that were damaged in a move a few years ago; others are ones I haven't been lucky enough to own... yet! 

Even if you don't have these to sell personally, there's no harm in asking if anyone has seen them lying around when you've been digging through record stores is there? :)

I know that 90s/early 00s is the hardest era of Neil vinyl to get hold of, and if they are available at all it's usually for insane prices. Also, most of them will eventually be reissued as part of the ORS vinyl box sets that Neil is putting out so I'm not willing to pay crazy money for them.

I guess I'm just sounding out to see what, if anything, is out there. I'm not expecting miracles but a guy can dream, right?

The ones that I am still missing are: 

·         Year of the Horse

·         Road Rock Vol. 1

·         Are You Passionate?

·         Prairie Wind

·         Living with War

·         Living with War: "In the Beginning"

·         Chrome Dreams II

·         Fork in the Road

·         Le Noise


I missed out on a decent copy of Prairie Wind recently because I was too damn slow to pull the trigger. I have found Living With War "In The Beginning" and Le Noise but I'm wary of the prices online without being able to check the records out.

If anyone can help me out, or can point me in the direction of a store or trusted website they use so I can take a look, I'd be super grateful :)

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    Discogs should have them but watch out for bootlegs of Le Noise. I was taken for a ride on some boots of that and Harvest Moon at one point. Bar codes and everything. 
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    I think I have sealed copies of these...  lemme check when I get home
    • Prairie Wind
    • Living with War
    • Living with War: "In the Beginning"
    • Chrome Dreams II
    • Fork in the Road
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    I know I have a barely used copy of Le Noise, but it wasn’t on the shelf. Will look through the records downstairs tomorrow for you.
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