Amsterdam 12 June - Emergency - Changing name possible?!?

Hi guys, unfortunately, I can't go to Amsterdam 1st night (got 2 GA Ten Club), which means I can't fly there to sell the 2nd ticket, can anybody have an idea on how to sell them?
I know normally changing the name is not possible, but the alternative is that tickets will be wasted... should I try to write the Ten Club?
Thanks to anyone who can help and sorry in advance if such request has been already discussed. Cheers!


  • wall232wall232 New YorkPosts: 1,144
    I don't think they will be able to switch names but I think you can donate the tickets back to 10C and they will make sure they get into the hands of a fan somehow.

  • il vecchioil vecchio Posts: 39
    Thanks wall232.

    Anyone else any idea?
  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 7,632

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  • il vecchioil vecchio Posts: 39
    deadendp said:

    it's not that I didn't know this, but you know that unexpected shit may happen in life right? Or do you already know where you will be in 5 months from now? :) 
  • kevtickevtic Posts: 125
    This happened to me in London in 2009 as my wife was pregnant and I couldn't make it.  I even offered to give tickets away for free but i couldn't even do that.

    i guess they have to stay firm on the rules or it would set a precedent and they would have loads of people trying to sell tickets. 
  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 7,632
    Unexpected stuff does happen.  My guess is that they had to make such a strict policy because there are people (not you) who grab tickets for every single show or don't read how the ticket lottery works.  Right after the lottery (not you) people whine and complain because they got soooo many tickets. . .  they can't afford them . . . they can't go . . . While it is a policy that does not fit every situation, it cuts down on the scalping.  (Yes, I know that you know this.)  

    Not being a shit, but yes-- I do know 5 months out what is going on.  I have a fairly predictable pattern of goings on in my life, but not everyone does.  
    2014: Cincinnati
    2016: Lexington and Wrigley 1
  • Brisk.Brisk. Posts: 11,190
    I guess you can't predict your life but rules are rules. Perhaps in future just don't buy lottery tickets and get one closer to the time or general sale.
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