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Hello wonderful ten club community  :)  I wanted to share with you all a movement that is near and dear to my heart and started in my community in East Contra Costa CA (Bay Area) by a group of students and teachers.  The movement is called #ICANHELP...the purpose, to delete negativity online.  

The vision: #ICANHELP started when a student made a fake social media page about a teacher. The page gained over 1000 followers and was the center of school drama for two weeks. Finally, at the end of that two weeks, a student turned in the person who made the page and it was taken down. 

A year later, a different student made another fake page about the same teacher. This time, the page had zero followers and we had over 30 students go online and comment in support of the teacher. In working with the students, they knew how to respond to online negativity.

 As educators, we experienced the rapid increase in social media use and the stress and anxiety that negative online behavior puts on school cultures. 

We wanted to empower teens with a common sense approach and not just protect them. 

To date, #ICANHELP has worked with students to take down over 800 pages dealing with harassment, impersonation, bullying, and more. We work closely with schools in training students on how to respond to cyber issues. 

You can find out more by going to www.icanhelpdeletenegativity.org.  You can also follow their social media @icanhelp on both twitter and IG.  Let's help to spread a wave of positivity not just online but everywhere!  THINK before you post (is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind), let's set an example for our children :)  Thanks for taking the time to read! XOXO  

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