Amsterdam Night 1 for Night 2 10C GA Swap (2 tickets)

YukselYuksel Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 32
I've just been given 2 ordinary tickets for Amsterdam Night 1, and since I was lucky enough to originally win a pair 10C GA Amsterdam night 1, I'm looking to trade the 10C GA N1 for a pair 10C GA Amsterdam night 2, so I'm able to attend both shows.
I just want to scream, Hello!


  • I have an extra ticket to night 2 10C GA. And I'm looking to trade it for a night 1 10C GA ticket. That way we'll both be able to go to both shows! Let me know if you're interested. Cheers
  • YukselYuksel Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 32
    I'm in need of two 10C GA tickets to night 2, since I've been given two ordinary tickets for night 1 and now have a pair to spare. Seems like a lot of 10C members are looking to trade just one ticket, so if I'll find another member looking to trade one ticket, we might be able to work something out, don't you think?
    I just want to scream, Hello!
  • That seems reasonable, but you can only transfer one of your tickets through 10C. Are your ordinary tickets for night 1 GA or seated? Where are they located? I might be interested to trade my spare GA night 2 for one of your ordinary tickets. 

  • YukselYuksel Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 32
    Ah, I wasn't completely aware of that. My ordinary tickets are seated with a good view - I'm not aware of the exact location, since they are press tickets, though press tickets are usually really good located. We are two people traveling from Denmark though, so I will be in need of two tickets for night 2.
    I just want to scream, Hello!
  • I just PM'd you. :)
  • Hi Yuksel,
    I'm flying in from Toronto, Canada for the shows, so it would be amazing if I could get into both.
    I would be willing to trade a GA night 2 for one of your seated tickets. I'd prefer to get this sorted out in advance so I don't have to worry about it.
    You could then trade your GA night 1 for a second GA night 2 and you'd both be able to go to both shows. You'd also have 1 press ticket left over to sell.
    I could meet you on the Tuesday - I'm flying in that morning!
    Let me know what you think. Cheers, Norm
  • MK225952MK225952 Posts: 19
    I would be interested in a Night 1 ticket (any type) I am willing to pay as I only have a night 2 RS available to swop?
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