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Hello everyone, I had not planned to attend any show of USA, I was only going to go to London, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon, I am Spanish. This summer I made the holidays coincide with PJ as not ... and I'm going to Visit NY and Chicago. The question is if someone would have two tickets for the second night in CHICAGO, or one ticket, I would be very interested in buying them ... it would be the colophon to a piece of 2018 greetings to all jammers, see you in CHICAGO

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    I have 2 tix in section 211 (row 16) i'm looking to sell.   let me know what you think.
  • ph221111ph221111 Posts: 4
    just an update; i've sold these tickets.
  • hi, i am not entry this have still this ticket...
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    I have one 10C Reserved Wrigley Night 2 ticket...face value $122.50.  Location is still tbd (per Ten Club ticket allotment and distribution). I think you need a smart phone for me to transfer the electronic ticket to you or we can link up before the show to go in together with my phone.   Opened my own thread.
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