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Hi everyone! I was fortunate enough to grab two tickets to Chicago N2, but I will also be in town during N1. Does anyone know of a good place around Wrigley to chill and listen to the concert from outside the stadium?


  • Ray J. T.Ray J. T. Posts: 3,593
     Welcome aboard. If you play your cards right you will very likely be able to score tickets for N1 as well. If not, you will be surrounded by countless amount of bars around the stadium where you will probably be able to get some decent audio. Also, don't forget that you have some options with some of the bars for rooftop viewing. I know that this is something that you will be able to reserve ahead of time. You can probably start calling some of them now for info on rooftop seating reservation. Good luck. See you in Chi town. 
  • Great, thank you!
  • given2fly23given2fly23 Evanston, ILPosts: 4,846
    Agreed, especially if you just want to be in the building, but you can probably even find a 10C ticket on here or around the 10C line/box office.  Don't ever pay above face value though.

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    I seem to remember in 2016 the 10c released a few extra 10c tickets a few days before the concerts once they finalized the setup.
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