Mad Cool Madrid Spain Travel Buddy

I have 2 VIP tix to Mad Cool.  I am in Cincinnati and was wanting to spend a week or so visiting Madrid/Spain/Lisbon.  Thought I would see if there was anyone else out there looking for a travel buddy???
I am a FAIRLEY (haha) normal 40 year old man with kids.  I LOVE soccer, beer, and tons of the bands playing at Mad Cool.

Hope to hear from some of you


  • Poskitt0124Poskitt0124 Posts: 17
    I am do the same thing I’m from new you’re traveling to Europe I am starting in Rome n ending in Lisbon. I’m 26 yrs old just looking to have a great time in Europe 
  • pjcincipjcinci Posts: 218
    Still Looking guys.

    Anybody interested????
  • SpinTheLastExitSpinTheLastExit Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 237
    Hi there!

    I'm already going to Mad Cool with some people, but I'll be around the festival if you want to go for a couple of beers. I arrive in Madrid on the 11th.
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  • Thanks PeteThanks Pete Kefalonia, GreecePosts: 553
    pjcinci said:
    Still Looking guys.

    Anybody interested????
    Do you still have an extra Mad Cool VIP PJ ticket?
  • aschneid22aschneid22 Posts: 1
    enjoy your travels man!  Its never hard to find buddies traveling or at a PJ show.  Anyone looking for Mad Cool 3 day passes?  My lady and I were forced to back out of an epic Spain, Portugal trip last minute and would love to send these tix to solid fans.

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