Dead Man Interpretations

I've found myself putting Dead Man on repeat for the past few days. I'm really fascinated by the disturbing notes of regret through the whole song. I feel that Dead Man is about someone who has really messed up numerous relationships because of their own selfishness or just lost someone they loved. The speaker in the song feels like a dead man because he made choices that compromised everyone he held close to him. The choices at the time seemed beneficial, but with time the speaker has realized how many mistakes he's made. The speaker knows he hurt the ones he cared about and this weighs on him so much that he can feel the weight of it in even the smallest tasks of lifting a coffee cup. I think the hammer in the song represents the speaker's choice to harm others. The hammer hanging over the speaker represents the regret and guilt he has for the choices he made. The song definitely conveys the pain the man is experiencing and shows how even the simplest tasks can feel impossible following a huge mistake in a relationship. It's really fascinating how such a story can be told in so few lyrics. I feel like Dead Man is a more 'in depth' look at the man presented in Nothingman. Nothingman is a more objective look at the man who messed up and lost the one he loved, while Dead Man offers the actual internal dialogue the man experienced after losing her. I'm not sure if I'm just imagining that connection, but it works for me. What does Dead Man mean to you?
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