For Sale x 2: 1 reserved ticket for each Seattle show

Unfortunately, despite winning the ticket lottery for both, I likely won't be able to attend either Home Show in August. So I'm looking to sell one reserved ticket for each Seattle show at face value. Contact me if interested!


  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 8,273
    I am pretty sure that the ticket holder is expected to attend if they intend to sell their guest ticket. 
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  • wall232wall232 New YorkPosts: 1,158
    I don’t think the ticket holder has to be there since they can transfer one ticket. But this is the first time so who knows. 
  • deadendp said:
    I am pretty sure that the ticket holder is expected to attend if they intend to sell their guest ticket. 
    The pre-sale rules state that the 10C will allow a one-time transfer of your "guest ticket" to your guest's smart phone. Once that transfer is complete, one would think all else is moot (since the transfer happens before the show). Plus, there's no verbiage in the rules stating if the original ticket holder isn't present at the show, the transfer is null & void. Unless there's an unwritten rule out there, I think the OP is safe in selling/transferring their +1.
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  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 8,273
    2014: Cincinnati
    2016: Lexington and Wrigley 1
  • Then I guess I'll try to attend, but I'm still planning to transfer one of the two tickets for each show, at face value, which is within my rights as a purchaser according to the rules.
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    There is no way to enforce that though. It is not like the ticket that is tied to the 10 club owner has to be scanned first. Also if I buy a ticket from stranger on here why should my concert entry rely on them showing up even though I have the mobile ticket already. I realize 10 Club wants both people to go to the show but the way it is set up this time causes a lot more singles and burned tickets imo. Good luck on your sale OP and hope you can make the show. 
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    I am interested in your Seattle 2 if ya still got it!
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  • I'll take a single for night 1!
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  • RoxylmfRoxylmf Posts: 2
    is this still available ??

  • wsimon74wsimon74 Posts: 86
    If Seattle Night 2 is still available PLEASE PM me, very interested!!
  • trevorjtrevorj Portland, OregonPosts: 55
    Also interested in night 2.
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    @Horos- Mike, I know you were looking for singles for both nights

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  • HorosHoros Posts: 4,414
    @Horos- Mike, I know you were looking for singles for both nights

    Thanks, I'm definitely interested.
  • I’m also looking for one ticket for August 10th show. Just one. Coming from Montana. Can’t make the Missoula show. 
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