Ten Club "Reserved Seating" @ Wrigley shows?

Does anybody which areas are the fan club "reserved seating" sections? I missed out on the previous Wrigley shows, so I really have no idea where we're going to be. I'd like to know so I can make other arrangements in advance if they're awful seats. My fan club tickets have ranged from incredible to "I should've just bought regular tickets" in the past. Any help or insight is appreciated.


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    JimmyVJimmyV Boston's MetroWest Posts: 18,996
    Field seats behind GA and lower bowl seats in right and left field. But, 10c got more tickets this time around so we should expect seats to be farther back than they were in the past. So basically nobody knows for sure.

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    wr176914wr176914 Posts: 10
    Thank you

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    F Me In The BrainF Me In The Brain this knows everybody from other commets Posts: 30,802
    The good news is that this year 10C is going to let us know where our seats are for shows in advance.  Once you find that out then it can be up to you if you want to go hunting for better spots. 
    I was on the 1st base-RF line for the 2013 show there and I was fine with that.
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