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    Just now saw this thread...this choked me up: 21.COME BACK/DEDIOCATED TO CHRIS CORNEL

    thanks Dimi for thread
    Is it over yet? #ITMFA
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    Comeback is one of those songs that I dismissed on the album, but it's grown on me and especially when it's performed live. Amazing song and draws out the emotions.
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    What a setlist to start the tour. Unreal!
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    Wow, great set list. 
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    Amazing start to the tour, id be a puddle during come back...wow...
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    Anyone know where I can get Matts Cornell Shirt?  I really would love to have one!
    Thank you fellow 10 clubber for saving my ass....again!!!
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    This setlist was amazing! Around the Bend? I wish they would play that one in Brazil :D

  • Mike D88Mike D88 TampaPosts: 504
    Some highlights from YouTube:

    New Corduroy middle jam

    The extended LBC intro is back - may it never leave


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    Great crowd...
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    Thanks for the setlist, the YouTubes and especially thanks to all the streamers.
  • lukemil33lukemil33 Vandalia, OHPosts: 202
    Anyone start a thread for the show tonight?
  • javis el errantejavis el errante Buenos AiresPosts: 6,048
    lukemil33 said:
    Anyone start a thread for the show tonight?
    I don't know, I assume DImi has an insider at Parque O'Higgins for tonite's relay, we'll see...
    ... I am not in the business of being liked anymore ...

  • lukemil33lukemil33 Vandalia, OHPosts: 202
    Thread for tonight's show. Still need somebody to relay the songs to me!

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