Erik B & Rakim tour!

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First tour together in a verrry long time, celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Paid In Full".  Pretty excited to see this, I still blast "I Know You Got Soul" and it still sounds as good as the 1st time I heard it!


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    Glad to see someone post this :sunglasses: We are a small tribe, my friend! :smiley: Paid In Full is probably my favorite album of all time. I still have the worn out cassette bought in '87 when my friend's mom took us in her wood-paneled station wagon to buy new music at the mall. Where in the world has Eric B. been the past couple of decades+?!? Would love to see them perform but not sure the stars are gonna align. The closest they're coming to my neck of the woods in ATL and it's on the same night I already have tix to see Chris Robinson play the kinda-sorta-but-not-quite-Black-Crowes. Gah, first world problems :angry:
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    FIrst world problems indeed!  Yes, we're a small but loyal tribe!

    I had an interesting experience last year, took Amtrak from DC to NYC and sat next to a guy who turned out to be Rakim's right hand man, former race car driver, fascinating guy himself but even more so being able to talk about Erik B & Rakim and Rakim's path in the last decade which is really admirable.

    Can't advise you which to choose, but I'd be all about this Eric B & Rakim show if I was in your shoes, and the Atlanta show will probably be WAY off the hook!
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    I saw Rakim solo 20 years ago. The LA show is 3 blocks from my place so I definitely feel obligated to go. I could never really find any full reviews of the show last summer at the Apollo...most just had a couple paragraphs that essentially listed all the guests that were there.
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    I want to do it, but I’d be the first stop on the tour, which makes it hard to pull the trigger. 
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    Saw Rakim support Black Star a few years ago. He's still superb live. Hope they tour Europe after the US.
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    God MC

    Hope they come to UK
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    I love Paid In Full, got a copy of that one.
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    Anyone catch any of the shows so far? Any reports/feedback??
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    I didn't get to go to mine, too much happening at my job to go.  I also would love to hear from anyone who has gone - how was it?
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    Here are setlists so far: Looks like most setlists are short w/ the exception of the most recent show (4/17) which lists multiple "unknown" songs
    Reviews by anyone who's seen their tour are much appreciated :sunglasses:
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